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Solar panels are cost effective because they conserve energy. For this reason, many people choose to install them in their business premises and even at home. They are also used in farms, office blocks and even on public properties. The idea of installing solar panels is to save money and make good returns on your investment. Energy bills go down which is a good thing. However when you have the solar panels installed and then you leave them unattended for long periods, there will be a problem. Though solar panels are self-cleaning, there are places that do not self-clean. Places like where the panel tilts, dust in some places where rain cannot wash off, bird dropping that stick on the panels among other things.

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These places need someone to clean them up regularly. Now that seems like a hard thing for you to do because it will mean climbing up to the roof where majority of the solar panels are places, balancing yourself as you clean them and finding the right equipment to do your cleaning. We do not use any pressure washing on solar panel cleaning. Instead, we use plain water and a mild washing detergent. We also use a soft brush that can reach all the corners of the solar panel to clean the dirt. We avoid anything that would scratch the panels like scrubs and anything coarse. No heavy equipment is needed to washy the solar panels. It is however not a job for everyone.

Residential Window Cleaning

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We can save you all the trouble by offering our professional solar cleaning services. Call us today and you will never have to worry about a dirty solar panel affecting your electricity supply. Our solar panel cleaning services are top notch and we know it because we have been doing for well over 20 years.

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