Expertise, care and

Windows are one of the most important part of a building, as it’s what a client or customer will usually see first. Being the front of your business it is important your windows are clean. First impressions will be drawn based on what they see, so clean and tidy windows are essential. At AK & S we can help keep your windows sparkling, we know that commercial window cleaning is not an easy job. It requires expertise, care and careful thought to all the safety measures and these are all things we take into consideration when cleaning your building windows.

Expertise care and safety

Professional team at your service.

We understand the risks of cleaning commercial windows but we have employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance and besides that, we have a very professional team that know their work. Every single member of the professional window cleaning services team that performs commercial window cleaning has special skills in his or her own area of speciality and that is why we confidently give you a guarantee of every task we undertake. We clean anything from high-rise to low-rise buildings windows. We do not discriminate because we love the challenge of cleaning just about any buildings windows.

Professional team at your service

At AK&S, we pride ourselves in our reliability and efficiency.

Our commercial window cleaning services include regular washes where you can hire us to carry out annual, quarterly or biannual window cleaning services. We use hot purified water and professional water fed poles with soft brushes to remove all the dirty water from the glass. For touch ups, we use leather chamois that leave no water streaks or smudges on the glass. To protect your glass windows, we do not do any scrapping.

We use aerial lifts, RDS and BMU. We clean both the inside and the outside, starting from the top to the bottom. Give us a call today and you will not be disappointed.

We use X Line
Water Systems

High quality fully automated waterfed pole systems, professionally designed, tested and used directly for our customers. Our X Line Systems use hot purified water.

We use X Line Water Systems

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